- The Washington Times - Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The Republican leadership showed weakness in allowing all four recent debates to be presided over by apparent liberals. If the Democrats cheat to win this election, these same Republicans likely would just sit back and take it. We must pray for the election of strong leaders who will not just go along to get along but who will stand firmly for conservative principles against the intimidations of the liberal media.

This election cycle has brought to the fore many brilliant, black conservative leaders such as former Rep. Artur Davis, Alabama Democrat, and congressional candidate Vernon Parker, Arizona Republican. Say a prayer for Mr. Parker, as he is in a close and important race in Arizona’s 9th Congressional District.

In the Book of Joshua, the Lord told the Israelites that he would give them the Promised Land. Then he told them to be strong and courageous, arm themselves, go across the river and fight to possess the land. The Lord gives us victory in life, but by giving it to us, he doesn’t just lay it in our laps. He gives us strength to go and fight for it.

We have less than two weeks left to pass on to our children and grandchildren a free nation with bright promises for tomorrow.


Lewisville, Texas

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