- The Washington Times - Saturday, October 27, 2012

Vice President Joseph R. Biden, campaigning in Virginia on Saturday, outlined the Obama administration’s plans for a second term while taking a sharp jab at the Republican presidential ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

“I’ve never seen two candidates for the highest office in the land who are more negative about the state of our country, about America’s prospects for the future,” the vice president told a boisterous crowd in Lynchburg.

“Governor Romney constantly talks about American decline. I don’t recognize the country they’re talking about. That’s not the country I live in.”

Mr. Biden, appearing with his wife, Jill, kicked off the rally with a ringing endorsement of Tim Kaine, the Democratic candidate who is locked in a tight U.S. Senate race with Republican George Allen.

The vice president, known for his stump speech gaffes, didn’t disappoint, telling voters “that man has more integrity in his little finger than most people have in their whole body. I’m a big Tom Kaine fan.”

The vice president may have confused Mr. Kaine with former Rep. Tom Perriello, a Democrat who also got a shout-out from Mr. Biden.



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