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This election is probably the most important in the lives of your children and grandchildren. Why? If $1 million were a marble, then $1 billion would be the size of a beach ball and $1 trillion the size of a hot-air balloon. The current U.S. national debt is $16.2 trillion for the current population of 314 million, or $52,000 for every man, woman and child. For a family of four, that’s $208,000.

Who do you think will be burdened with the lion’s share of paying the interest and principal of that debt? Not you, but your children and grandchildren, including that baby you may be expecting. These are the people who will be paying it over their entire lives. This inherited debt hardly gives your children and grandchildren a fair chance to have a standard of living that is at least as good as the one you have had. Which candidate, President Obama or Mitt Romney, do you think will do a better job of getting our annual deficit spending and national debt under control?

Over the next four years the population will increase to 325 million. If Mr. Obama retains the presidency and the Democrats hold on to the Senate, the odds are very good that the federal government will average “only” $1 trillion deficits over the next four years. This would increase the national debt to $20 trillion, or $62,000 per person. We can ill afford this.

On Nov. 6, be sure to vote as if the standard of living of your children and grandchildren depended upon it — because it does.


Staunton, Va.

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