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Letter writer Gordon Finley is right to note that liberals have arbitrarily discriminated against boys and men in education and family law (“GOP must court male vote,” Wednesday). However, he is incorrect when he says that the Obama administration has given women “virtually everything they want.” That would come as a shock to millions of out-of-work women, who suffer just like men from the high unemployment caused by President Obama’s policies.

Obamacare has wiped out jobs in the medical-device industry, which has a 47 percent female workforce. Mr. Obama’s new financial regulations have eliminated thousands of jobs, many held by women, and driven other jobs overseas. Some Obama administration regulations, such as new rules that keep many homemakers from qualifying for credit cards, disproportionately harm women.

Mr. Finley is right that many child-custody decisions are tainted by sex bias against fathers, but he is wrong to assume that all women want this. When I worked for a public-interest law firm, I received many letters asking for help from grandmothers whose sons had lost custody or contact with their children due to sex bias. This loss of custody damaged the children’s relationship not only with their fathers, but also with their paternal grandmothers. These women did not benefit from sex bias against men.


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