- The Washington Times - Thursday, October 4, 2012


As a retired media producer, watching the first 2012 presidential debate and studying the physical demeanor as well as the oral delivery of the contestants, I discerned almost from the get-go that GOP contender Mitt Romney was going to have proactive control of that stage (“Romney’s silent majority,” Commentary, Thursday).

The obvious intensity of Mr. Romney’s gaze and his steadfast focus on the president during each and every exchange contrasted sharply with President Obama’s facial expressions and demeanor. The president continually broke off eye contact to look to the audience for approval, or to the moderator, apparently for relief. Oh, and memo to Jim Lehrer, Take 10 — your services weren’t required Wednesday night.

Mr. Romney clearly showed the whole world Wednesday night what a real American leader looks like. If your heart is set on winning the game the smart pick for team captain is always a quarterback, never the punter.


Columbia, S.C.



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