- The Washington Times - Tuesday, October 9, 2012


The Marxist fraudster has deflated his own troupe of hard-left illiberal supporters. The reaction has been confusion, rage and sheer frustration that “The One” exhibited a detached, diffident manner during the first presidential debate. Of course, this is because supporters have invented a candidate that does not exist.

The real President Obama, in his disdain for America and our “one nation under God,” has hacked and torn on our freedoms and values. All along, Mr. Obama has been methodically undermining our heritage with the specious intent to humble our nation and reinvent our creed in accordance with his doctrine.

Now, the debate and the release of a video of Mr. Obama’s 2007 hate- and racial-invective-filled speech has shown him for what he is. His praise for the racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright and affirmation of the pastor’s importance in Mr. Obama’s life, all done in a false Southern accent, is an insult to all black Americans — and indeed, to all of America.

Mr. Obama is out of bullets. His moves are stale, his policies frozen in Soviet-bloc time. Beyond this is the heat of his rage and repetitive anti-colonialist doctrine, which offers only to divide and take back what is owed, according to his skewed notion of “fairness.”

In the debate he seemed depressed, for the weight of his scrambled lies were finally front and center. Without his trusted teleprompter, he had nowhere to go. Head bowed and at a loss for words of substance, our president was confronted by an opposition candidate of unquestionable moral fiber, a man who understands economics, our genie of capitalism and, ultimately, in his own simple way, an exemplar of the America the majority of us know. In a sense, the Denver debate was a Norman Rockwell painting of everyday life, contrasted with the darkness of modernity that lacks a connection to the soul of the people.



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