- The Washington Times - Thursday, September 13, 2012


Among those who spoke at the Democratic National Convention was the mayor of San Antonio, Julian Castro. Who exactly is Julian Castro and what does he believe? Looking at his upbringing, we find that his mother helped to found La Raza Unida (“The Race United”), eventually becoming the chairman of the Bexar County Chapter of the La Raza Unida Party. The now-defunct La Raza Unida was a radical, separatist, anti-white, socialist organization that sought to create a Chicano state within U.S. borders.

Several leaders of La Raza Unida were openly communist and often spoke of taking extreme measures to further their cause. For example, one of the group’s founders, Jose Angel Gutierrez, told his audience in a 1969 speech in San Antonio: “We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is, if worst comes to worst, we have got to kill him.”

Neither Mr. Castro nor his mother has ever repudiated any of the Marxist or violent rhetoric of La Raza Unida, and Mr. Castro’s mother remains actively involved in both of her sons’ political careers today. Mr. Castro is not just being tolerated by the Democratic Party, he is actively promoted as a rising star. He is often referred to as the “next” or “the second Barack Obama” by party insiders.

Can anyone imagine any white politician with connections to an ethnically white organization named “The Race” and calling for the killing of minorities being tolerated for a nanosecond, much less being promoted by a mainstream political party and our president? Obviously the answer is rightly no. The media would immediately demand that the president and his party repudiate and condemn anyone with such connections. Yet neither the Democratic Party nor our “post-racial” president is being called to task with regard to Mr. Castro. This hypocrisy is not only staggering, it is dangerous.


Greenwich, N.J.



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