- - Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pollster John Zogby grades the president’s week and how the week’s events affect his re-election chances:

Grade: C+

“President Obama got a larger than expected bump in the polls from the Democratic National Convention. My newest poll gives him a 6-point lead over Gov. Romney, meaning Mr. Obama’s numbers have actually risen and Mr. Romney’s have actually gone down.

“The Arab world is in an uproar and four Americans were killed — including Ambassador Chris Stevens — by a terrorist attack in Libya. And anti-American protests have spread to as far away as Australia. This is a real test for the president’s leadership and foreign policy. But by many accounts, including my own, Mr. Romney appeared to gratuitously insert politics at a moment of tragedy and failed the test of global leadership.

“New polls now show the president leading in key battleground states. A tough week to be president but a worse week for Mr. Romney. Mr. Obama again is served by a grade curve as he looks better than his opponent.”

Last week’s grade: C

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