- The Washington Times - Tuesday, September 18, 2012


It is apparent to me that the “campaigner-in-chief” still doesn’t have a clue when it comes to dealing with foreign affairs, nor does he understand that you can’t deal with fanatical countries that hate the United States from a position of weakness (“Libya and Egypt: Does President Obama even care?” Web, Wednesday).

These countries could not care less about apologies, and they only respect those nations that deal from a position of strength.

Point in fact: The attacks on our embassies in Libya, Egypt and now Yemen have emboldened the enemies of our country because they have no respect for our leadership.

When they see President Obama make up an excuse not to entertain an ally such as Israel, saying there were “scheduling” conflicts, then they think that we as a country don’t support an ally. This emboldens them into thinking they can come after our embassies. After all, the president doesn’t care. The fact that Mr. Obama’s priorities are about campaigning and not leading the country should be evident.

Israel should be given priority over all other distractions that Mr. Obama has placed before it. Why? It is on the brink of war with Iran. Iran has threatened to wipe out Israel and the United States — and still the president would rather be out campaigning than leading this country.

The absentee president can condemn the acts of our enemies all he wants. He can apologize for the individuals who started this latest outbreak of violence, playing into the hands of our enemies. It won’t change the fact that without taking away the money we give them every year and ordering action against the offenders — showing that we have the power to lead the world — Mr. Obama is just another empty suit with no backbone.


Warrenville, S.C.



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