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I’ll say what no politician in either party will say: American citizens are, for the most part, a very uninformed and disinterested electorate. Sadly, this bodes well for Barack Obama.

Too many people in our country don’t know about the foundations of our republic, the limits of federal power or the proper role of government in our lives. They certainly don’t know how unconstitutionally this president is governing or how bad his policies and decisions are for our nation and our future. The majority of us are so busy in our modern do-it-all culture that we don’t take time to understand the issues and learn where the candidates truly stand on those issues. We swallow the lies of the president’s negative campaign ads as the gospel truth, and we get our “news” in small doses, on the fly, from extremely biased networks and newspapers.

It may surprise some to know that 92 percent of the media self-identify as Democrats, but it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the media’s biases are reflected in reporting and commentaries. In journalism school back in the mid-1980s, I was surrounded by liberal classmates, and we were “taught” by liberal professors who were straight out of the countercultural 1960s. It’s no wonder the mainstream media today are so left-leaning and thus so pro-Obama. Personally, I’d be ashamed of myself if I called myself a journalist but was nothing more than a lap dog for the president. Journalists in a free society are supposed to hold politicians’ feet to the fire — not carry their water for them.

In what they report and what they omit, today’s media members do a large disservice to the country. As distracted and gullible as we are, most of us don’t even know any better.


Edgewater Beach, Md.

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