- - Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Week 1 Redskins chat, with some questions to keep in mind as they visit New Orleans.

1. What will Robert Griffin III look like at full capacity? The Redskins have promised to use all of their new quarterback’s talents once the regular season starts, but in what form we don’t exactly know. If it’s anything like what Griffin did at Baylor, he’ll be as dangerous with his legs as he is with his throwing arm.

2. Which running back will play the most? Rookie Alfred Morris averaged 5.0 yards on 39 preseason carries, but the Redskins might not feel comfortable with his pass protection against a Saints defense that will attack the rookie quarterback. Evan Royster (knee, neck) and Roy Helu Jr. (Achilles) are coming off injuries.

3. Can the Redskins’ offense keep up with New Orleans? The Saints return their top four players in receiving yards and rushing yards from last season’s top-ranked offense. They averaged 34 points per game in 2011, and the Redskins never scored more than 28 in a game.

4. Will the Redskins pressure Drew Brees? Harassing Brees in the pocket is essential to disrupting his timing and accuracy. Blitzing could expose unfavorable numbers in the secondary, though, so generating pressure with four rushers and winning individual matchups is a must.

5. How will the shorthanded secondary hold up? Safeties Brandon Meriweather (knee) and Tanard Jackson (year-long suspension) are out, which means the Redskins are thinner on the back end. Defensive backs must excel with their coverage technique to limit the Saints’ effectiveness in the passing game.



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