- The Washington Times - Monday, April 1, 2013

Call it a real-life example of the Second Amendment’s importance: A 63-year-old Philadelphia man who shot and killed a home intruder not only saved his sleeping children from danger but also has motivated a nearby resident to buy a gun to protect her own house.

The incident occurred just as Easter dawned, shortly before 1 a.m. on Sunday, MyFoxPhilly.com reports.

Lee Heng, who owns and operates a store in a Philadelphia neighborhood, told police he was awakened by the sounds of two men entering his home. He struggled with one, ultimately shooting and killing him. Mr. Heng, who had two children in the home at the time, told police he had no choice but to shoot at the men, MyFoxPhilly.com says.

One suspect died; the other fled. And police are still seeking his identity.

“They’ve been here for a while since we moved on the block,” neighbor Chan Chenh said to Fox News. “Humble people, very hardworking. It’s a shame for a store owner to go through that.”

The break-in sent shock waves through the community, which one 44-year resident described to Fox News as safe and relatively crime-free.

A woman who runs a shop a block from the shooting says the incident has her dwelling on the importance of self-defense. She’s now seriously considering getting her own gun, she said to Fox News.

Mr. Heng is not likely to be charged. Pennsylvania’s Castle Doctrine law allows homeowners to defend their properties, and even allows for shootings of intruders when the weapons aren’t permitted — so long as the shootings take place inside the residence, Fox News reports.



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