- The Washington Times - Thursday, April 11, 2013


The media have gone to great pains to deny that they’re Obama cheerleaders. Why then haven’t they asked one important question regarding President Obama’s sequestration cuts? How is it possible that so many programs could be cut under sequestration when only $85 billion a minuscule 1 percent to 2 percent has actually been cut from a $3.6 trillion budget?

We’ve all heard and seen the scare tactics from the White House: cutbacks at national parks, travel delays at airports, fewer meat inspections, no vaccines for children, furloughs of teachers, military personnel and first responders, billions cut from defense, cancellations of the Blue Angels, Golden Knights and the Thunderbirds’ traditional flyover at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony. White House tours have been cut, disappointing schoolchildren and families, and criminal aliens have been released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Since Mr. Obama had more than a year to prepare for sequestration, why didn’t he protect these programs by cutting back the billions thrown at failed ‘green’ energy programs like Fisker, or universities that endlessly waste money on studying matters such as lesbian obesity?

Not only have the media failed to ask this important question, they also failed to ask Mr. Obama why, when everyone else is tightening their belts, he continues to use Air Force One at a cost of about $1 million per junket to fly to California to attend “fundraisers” with those billionaires he supposedly despises? Why were there no Secret Service agents available to secure the White House for tours, but there were agents available to accompany Mr. Obama’s daughters first to the Bahamas, then to Sun Valley, Idaho, on spring break? Similarly, no questions were asked regarding Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s million-dollar junkets for one-night stays in London and Paris with a huge entourage.

Until the media finally ask these difficult questions, they’ll continue to be nothing but cheerleaders for an administration that portrays itself as the most open and honest administration in history while continuing to stonewall investigations.

I can’t imagine the mainstream media ridiculing those few reporters who dare to stray from the administration’s daily talking points to ask those difficult questions we should hear daily from an open and honest press if the president’s name were George W. Bush.


Colorado Springs, Colo.



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