- The Washington Times - Friday, April 12, 2013

Malawi’s president accused Madonna of exaggerating her charitable contributions to the country, and overplaying her prima donna card by demanding excessive VIP treatment.

A statement from Joyce Branda’s office issued Thursday denounced the singer as thinking “she deserves to be revered with state grandeur” and suggested she have “the decency of telling the truth,” The Guardian reported.

The president also gigged Madonna’s musical talents, saying she’s “a musician who desperately thinks she must generate recognition by bullying state officials instead of playing decent music on the stage.”

Madonna has adopted two Malawian children and oversees several projects to help villagers. But she recently removed the president’s sister as head of a humanitarian group she started in Malawi, and spokespeople for the singer suggest it’s this action that has the president riled, The Guardian said.

On top of that, Madonna had planned to build a $15 million academy for girls, but recently changed her mind, The Guardian reported.

Last week, the singer — who was traveling to Malawi — was treated to the president’s new view of her. In place of VIP treatment and special travel accommodations, Madonna was met at the airport by security and frisk



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