- The Washington Times - Tuesday, April 16, 2013

MSNBC host Chris Matthews rushed to point the finger Monday night, speculating on whether the Boston Marathon bombings were a politically motivated attack against the Democratic Party.

“Let me ask you about domestic terrorism as a category. Normally, domestic terrorists, people tend to be on the far right, well that’s not a good category, just extremists, let’s call them that. Do they advertise after they do something like this?” the “Hardball” anchor asked Michael Leiter, former director of the United States National Counterterrorism Center. “Do they try to get credit as a group or do they just hate America so much or its politics or its government that they just want to do the damage, they don’t care if they get public credit, if you will?”

Mr. Leiter went on to explain that it’s very possible that many different groups will take responsibility for the attack, from al-Qaeda to domestic terrorists, and “it will be the responsibility of the FBI and the Boston police to figure out if any of those are actually real cases.”

Mr. Matthews then suggested that the suspect(s) “going after the Kennedy Library” may symbolize some kind of political statement.

“I was just thinking, again, it’s early; it’s an early situation, but going after the Kennedy Library, not something at Bunker Hill, not something from the freedom trail or anything that kind of historic, but a modern political figure of the Democratic Party,” he speculated.



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