- The Washington Times - Wednesday, April 17, 2013


The time has come for the Obama administration to inform the leadership of North Korea privately or publicly that, should it attack the territory of the United States or our forces, bases or allies, the government of North Korea will swiftly cease to exist as a functional or legal entity. Further, its military forces will likewise be disbanded (though this does not necessarily require the use of nuclear weapons). And President Obama has to mean it.

Following such an event, the government of North Korea should be replaced by a U.N.-sponsored humanitarian and security operation, with the eventual goal of reunifying the two Koreas. Enough of this barbaric, tyrannical government with its adolescent-like, conflicted boy dictator and its growing threat to the peace and security of the civilized world.


Former director, Center for Peace and Freedom

Former national field director, National Coalition for Peace Through Strength

North Chesterfield, Va.



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