- The Washington Times - Tuesday, April 23, 2013


While we celebrate ending the mayhem of two young Muslim terrorists, I suspect the Department of Homeland Security and law enforcement nationwide are not in much of a mood for popping champagne corks or throwing a party (“Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev awake, responding to police in writing,” Web, April 22). The reason is the reality of what two dedicated jihadists accomplished relatively cheaply and a within a short period of time.

Boston and its suburbs were paralyzed; major Northeast corridor rail systems were halted; state and municipal governments were forced to order entire towns of people to stay in their homes; no driving, no businesses, no schools or universities allowed to open. All this because of the religion-inspired rage of two young Islamic terrorists. Think about the economic impact of what these men did. Rod Serling couldn’t have written a more perfect script for “The Twilight Zone.”

Two focused fighters, dedicated to their mission regardless of their ideology, were able to bring a nuclear-armed superpower to a stop for a time. Two men added astronomical costs to already stressed state and municipal budgets by the very real threat they posed to public safety. Take sobering note of what they accomplished, America, because I assure you, their inspirational leaders in the mosques, caves and mountains of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Egypt and Yemen certainly are.

They no longer have to plan the grand-scale attacks such as those of Sept. 11, 2001, in order to execute the massive disruption to our commerce and freedoms they so detest. Much like a former Marine marksman did with a mail-order Italian rifle some 50 years ago in assassinating President John F. Kennedy, an event that changed America and the world, this event will be remembered as the moment America stepped up to the reality that we are in the struggle for our very existence against those who wage war against us in their quest for an Islamic caliphate. This event may very well be the inspiration jihadists will use as proof that America can be brought to her knees. God help us all.


Virginia Beach



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