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It appears that gun control has turned out to be a real whine-inducing issue for President Obama and the left. Despite the shameless use of the Newtown, Conn., parents as political props, the Manchin-Toomey gun-control bill was handily defeated, prompting a petulant Mr. Obama to lash out at his adversaries, flatly calling the Americans who opposed him liars. Ever the class act from this ever-shrinking presidency.

The left’s gun-grab scheme was doomed from the start, and here’s an example why. Our vice president told his media sycophants that a private citizen never needs more than 30 rounds with which to defend himself. Yet, just last week, Boston’s police, SWAT teams and other first responders expended, by most estimates, upward of 400 to 500 rounds to subdue the two Chechen terrorists who bombed the Boston Marathon. So, as Americans simply defending our homes, we’re told by Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. that 30 rounds are more than enough, yet Boston’s superbly trained police force somehow needed 15 times that much? Are we now to think that Mr. Biden will chastise Boston’s finest for excessive ammunition use? Of course not — but that example highlights the asininity of the left’s argument.

And if we’re lucky, the cowardly act perpetrated last week in Boston by the two Islamic terrorists will effectively put the kibosh on the sham that is the Senate’s 844-page ‘comprehensive’ amnesty legislation. If we can get gun control and amnesty behind us, perhaps those of us who adhere to the Constitution can take a brief respite from the left’s malevolent onslaught. The problem this respite creates, however, is that the president and the rest of his team of nitwits can redouble their efforts on the one thing upon which they have concentrated for four years, successfully focused like a laser: wrecking the economy.


Stafford, Va.

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