- The Washington Times - Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Kentucky middle-school student was in hot water with her school after wearing a T-shirt that said “Support Our Troops,” in honor of her dad’s deployment overseas.

But the school, facing widespread backlash for its opposition to her T-shirt, has been forced to back down and loosen its dress code. The school, Mahaffrey Middle, is located on Fort Campbell Army base, The Blaze reported.

The brouhaha began when Cejai Taylor wore the T-shirt with the pro-military message to school, in conflict with dress codes that require shirts with collars. However, the school also allows a once-a-month jean day that lets students wear more informal shirts. But the shirts have to be approved by school officials — and “Support Our Troops” didn’t make the cut. The teacher ordered Ms. Taylor to the office for wearing it, The Blaze reported.

Her mother, Cassandra Taylor, pointed to the ridiculousness of it all.

“It’s a military school on a military base,” she said, in response to the school’s demand. She also said she was standing by her daughter’s choice of clothing. “I’m not going to make her change [her shirt]. She’s standing her ground, and as her mother and as a military wife, I support my child.”

The school, meanwhile, has reversed its stance.

Cindy Gibson, Department of Defense education spokeswoman, told the Blaze that “patriotic T-shirts” are now permitted and added into the dress code.



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