- The Washington Times - Thursday, April 25, 2013


I agree with former FBI counterterrorism agent John Guandolo that the Boston Marathon bombings are a continuation of a Muslim jihad against the United States (“Former FBI agent predicts more attacks in Muslim jihad,” Web, April 21). That’s why I think the gun-control issue and immigration-reform issue are oxymorons. At a time when our country is at war, this is certainly not a time to take the guns away from law-abiding, registered Americans. It was a homemade pressure-cooker bomb that caused the deaths and injures, not guns.

We need our guns now more than ever to defend ourselves and protect our loved ones against the recent surge of homegrown, deranged individuals; but just as importantly, we need them to defend against the growing jihadist threat sneaking across our borders to meet with like-minded enemies who have declared war on all of us.

If the Obama administration could not protect Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other very brave Americans in Benghazi, Libya, with all the military resources we have, then how can we expect them to protect us in New York, Boston, Washington, etc.? Israel’s checkpoints and walls are what kept the terrorists out and better protect all of Israel’s citizens — black, white, Asian, secular, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. The question now is, how many more Boston-like attacks do we Americans have to experience before we address this problem the same way? The jihadists have declared war on us, but we haven’t been completely committed to declaring a defensive war on them.

Weakening our border protection and making it easier for more illegal immigrants to cross over and become citizens is an open invitation for terrorists to enter our country. Sadly, until this issue is addressed seriously we can indeed expect renewed attacks throughout the whole United States.


Owings Mills, Md.



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