- The Washington Times - Monday, April 29, 2013


After reading “Emotional Bush at presidential library dedication: ‘Our nation’s best days lie ahead’” (Web, April 25), I was glad to see that the article highlighted former President George W. Bush’s emotion during the dedication of his library Thursday. It was a fitting end to an important ceremony that ultimately is a celebration of our great democracy.

To all of those watching the dedication unfold on our televisions, the visions of four former presidents along with our current president inspired the nation at a time that is marked by an intense partisan spirit. To hear the positive words said about Mr. Bush from his predecessors and successor was extremely important. It shows that even though they might not agree with each other, they still can point out the positive qualities each of them possesses. If President Obama, who has consistently criticized most of Mr. Bush’s policies since beginning his presidency in 2009, can today say positive things about the former president, then shouldn’t Congress be able to act in a more bipartisan manner?

After watching the dedication, I had the feeling that our democracy is strong. We may be facing large problems, but as long as our current and former leaders can come together and treat each other with respect, we will remain a great nation. The dedication embodied the spirit that carries our great nation forward and will lead us toward solutions. Many are declaring that America is doomed, but the example put forth by our leaders will carry us on to paying down our debt while passing tax, immigration and entitlement reform.

Mr. Bush may not have been the best president. Like all other presidents, he made plenty of mistakes, but whether we agree with him or not, he deserves our respect. I respect each and every man who was on that stage last week for the sacrifices they made in order to serve our country. I thank Mr. Bush for his service, and as long as our leaders embrace this spirit in the future I, too, “will always believe our nation’s best days lie ahead.”


Ashburn, Va.



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