- The Washington Times - Monday, April 29, 2013

Five car bombs exploded in Iraqi areas dominated by Shiites on Monday, killing 26 civilians and injuring dozens more.

The explosions come on the heels of several Sunni-Shiite clashes that have taken place in the northern portion of the country over the past week, The Associated Press reported.

Nobody’s laid claim to Monday’s bombings, which began with detonations of bombs that were place in two parked cars in Amara, nearby a construction zone. There, 13 were killed and 42 hurt, police said. But setting off a string of bombs in areas with high civilian populations is a favorite fighting tactic of al Qaeda terrorists.

After the two parked cars exploded, another parked car exploded into flames near a restaurant in Diwaniyah, AP reported. There, eight civilians were killed and another 25 injured, AP said. Another car bomb exploded in Karbala, killing two and injuring 12. And hours later, another detonated south of Baghdad, killing three and wounding 16, AP reported.



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