- The Washington Times - Thursday, April 4, 2013


On Easter Sunday of all days and in God’s House, the Rev. Luis Leon race- baited and pandered to President Obama (“Communing with hatemongers from the pulpit,” Commentary, Wednesday). Mr. Leon charged that “captains of the religious right” want to oppress black Americans. Really? Well, Mr. Leon, just who are these people? I challenge you to name them.

Of course, Mr. Leon won’t, because he actually can’t name a single person. The only place these people exist is in his hate-filled mind. Still, if Mr. Leon is truly looking for an evil person, all he has to do is find the nearest mirror.

Tell me, Reverend, as a man of God, is there anything more despicable than spewing hate and lies on what is for Christians the holiest day of the year — and using God’s house to do it?


Westerly, R.I.



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