- The Washington Times - Friday, April 5, 2013


As the Maryland House of Delegates takes its final vote on a gun control bill and sends the measure to the state Senate for approval, I am reminded of the last words written on this topic by my late husband, Ron Smith, a radio talk show host, Emmy Award winner and Baltimore Sun columnist.

In December 2011 he wrote: “I’ve been portrayed on The Baltimore Sun’s editorial page (back when they could still afford a cartoonist), as a revolver spewing bullets out of my mouth. But the funny thing is that more than two dozen American states have seen fit to allow responsible citizens to arm themselves effectively (that is with concealed handguns) to defend themselves, their families and their property. Maryland lags behind, trapped in liberal lunacy as it is. The phrase ‘gun control’ sounds so soothing, so benign, that otherwise intelligent, self-sufficient people can be fooled by it. Once the facts are made clear to them, they see the light. A disarmed citizenry is not a citizenry at all. The framers knew that. Hence the Second Amendment. That old rascal Machiavelli put it best when he said a disarmed man is not only defenseless, he is contemptible. The power of the status quo is so immense, one can miss it.”

Many of us did miss it, and for a long time. Many still do.


Shrewsbury, Pa.



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