- The Washington Times - Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Victor Davis Hanson is spot on in “After Obama” (Commentary, Monday). Every morning I wake up another day older and $40 deeper in debt. The same is true of the other 85 million U.S. taxpayers.

In President Obama’s first four years, he loaded more than $50,000 of debt onto each of us. In four more years, it looks like he will make it a total of $100,000. To paraphrase the song “Sixteen Tons,” our souls will belong to the Internal Revenue Service.

Do the math: An annual deficit of $1.1 trillion would add $3 billion to the debt every day. That amounts to borrowing $32 every day for every U.S. taxpayer. Annual deficits are larger than $1.1 trillion, raising the daily debt added per taxpayer to $40.

Taxpayers and presidents who continue to believe that deficits and debt don’t matter must be invincibly ignorant.


Potomac Falls, Va.



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