- The Washington Times - Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Second Amendment supporters have banded together to create a Sandy Hook project, called My Gun Protects Your Freedom, selling wristbands online and contributing a portion of the proceeds to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund.  

According to a press release, mygunprotectsyourfreedom.com was founded “to change the way people think about Second Amendment supporters, gun owners and firearm enthusiasts alike.” 

“We are sick of hearing the media cram gun control BS and the exploitation of ‘gun violence’ down our throats 24/7,” said James H., owner of the website. “Here’s a way for Second Amendment supporters to throw the liberals a curveball. We’re giving Second Amendment supporters a new way to raise awareness and say, ‘Hey, I’ve donate to Sandy Hook… what have you done?’”

In the first month of operation the brand gained close to 3000 followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and generated nearly $600 in funds that went directly to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund. As the brand continues to develop, new products like shirts and other Second Amendment apparel will be available, the website states.



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