- The Washington Times - Thursday, August 1, 2013


Israeli representatives are now meeting with Palestinian Arabs (“Amid Mideast revolt, a chance for Israeli-Palestinian peace,” Web, July 29). The Israeli leaders were selected by a democratically elected government; the Palestinian leaders were selected by a government whose term in office has long since expired and that twice canceled presidential elections. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his cronies legitimately represent nobody — not in the West Bank, and certainly not in the Gaza Strip, where a terrorist organization rules by terrorizing all who would oppose it.

The multitude of times the supposedly struggling Palestinian people have been handed and have then rejected a state of their own on the territory in question costs them nothing with either President Obama or the mainstream media. Ditto for all the kill-the-Jews rhetoric that abounds in the inter-Arab dialogue, all the public pronouncements of never accepting a Jewish state in any way, shape or size, and all the declarations by leaders in the Palestinian Authority of their intent to take what they can get from the “peace process” and then to dismember Israel piecemeal afterward.

In spite of all of that (or perhaps because of it), Mr. Obama demanded the release of convicted murderers of Jews and these killers’ accomplices. Some number of them will kill again, as has been the repeated pattern with all of the previous releases of Palestinian prisoners. The Arab side of the conflict, the side that was handed “the solution” multiple times and then flushed it down the proverbial toilet each time, was compelled to do nothing more than show up for another opportunity to collect more concessions from Israel.

Israelis should thank God hourly that Mr. Obama is a “friend” of Israel.





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