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I implore the House Republicans not to be swayed by the likes of former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, et al., when it comes to the immigration bill. They’re very clever in trying to push the argument that if you don’t pass an immigration bill “it will be a death knell” for the GOP, as Mr. LaHood recently said. The people who espouse this lie are either naive or have a hidden agenda.

In the first place, Hispanics who are legal U.S. residents and vote Republican will continue to do so, and Hispanics who are legal U.S. residents and vote Democratic will also continue to do so. Consequently, unless there is fraud on a massive scale, those 11 million illegals wouldn’t be able to vote anyway.

The day when a bill could be passed and we knew that it would be upheld is gone. Once you pass any bill other than border security, nothing will be enforced except the part about granting citizenship to illegals. And if you really think it will take 10 to 13 years to accomplish this, I’ve got some prime swampland to sell you.

I’m sure my voice is not alone in asking that the House pass a bill that simply requires the building of a fence to secure our border and nothing more. Of course, the Senate will reject this idea. Don’t be manipulated by your Senate colleagues, House members. They are trying to rush you into something that will be of historic significance for our country for decades to come.

If the House helps pass into law any immigration bill that allows for anything other than securing our borders, all of the restrictions and safeguards will simply be ignored or circumvented by executive order or by liberal judges. Stand up to this well-crafted pressure, House members.


Prince George, Va.

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