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The rising stock market looks enticing, but things are not as bright as they appear. According to data compiled from the U.S. Treasury, Detroit filed for bankruptcy with unfunded debt and obligations of $26,655 per capita. The U.S. government, on the other hand, now has $218,169 of unfunded debt per capita. That means in order to make us solvent every American would have to pay close to a quarter-million dollars.

At the same time, corruption within government agencies runs rampant. With news of witnesses to the Benghazi, Libya, attacks forced to sign nondisclosure agreements and missing surface-to-air missile systems, a new precedent has been set for obstruction of justice. Yet President Obama says this is a “phony” scandal drummed up by his political adversaries. We must also remember the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS. With the media blitz on the George Zimmermann case, we almost forgot that one. That was probably the plan.

According to the American Center for Law and Justice, on April 23, 2012, Mr. Obama met with the IRS chief counsel. On April 24, the IRS commissioner met with Obama administration officials. And on April 25, the IRS chief counsel sent out guidance to IRS agents about targeting conservative groups. All of this took place before one of the most crucial elections in U.S. history. Political gamesmanship is one thing, but this total disregard for our First Amendment rights more closely resembles fascism.

The president plans to use this same IRS to administer his darling Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Former President Jimmy Carter got it right when he said we no longer have a functioning democracy.

Whether it’s defunding Obamacare or demanding the truth be told about Benghazi, it is time we the people let Congress know we do not like the direction in which our country is headed.


Anniston, Ala.

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