- The Washington Times - Thursday, August 29, 2013

British Prime Minister David Cameron said his country on Thursday will release intelligence it has gathered on the reported chemical weapon assault in Syria.

The announcement comes the day the nation’s Parliament is set to vote on military action in the country. The vote specifically will decide whether or not Britain will wait on the United Nations’ inspectors to rule on the chemical attack before taking any military action, CNN reported.

Mr. Cameron’s announcement also comes a day after Present Obama made clear that the White House believes Syrian President Bashar Assad is responsible for attacking rebel forces and civilians in the Damascus area with poison gas. Mr. Assad continues to deny responsibility, and said it was the rebel forces that killed hundreds of civilians.

Mr. Obama said in a PBS NewsHour report on Wednesday that the United States has considered all the evidence, “and we do not believe the opposition possessed” any type of chemical weapon “of that sort.”

U.N. weapon inspectors are supposed to wrap their investigation and leave Syria by Saturday, CNN reported.



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