- The Washington Times - Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What started as an investigation into a sexual harassment complaint at an Israeli embassy in South America morphed into a Pandora’s box of alleged offenses, mostly related to claims of sexual debauchery within the walls of the diplomatic post.

Specifically, embassy workers are being accused of going on drunken binges that were so crazy that the head security officer actually required hospitalization, Ynet News reported. Some have been accused of engaging in improper sexual liaisons with local women.

The probe initially began when the wife of a security officer accused the husband of one of the embassy diplomats of sexual harassment. The complaint made its way to the offices of the Civil Service Commission, which launched the investigation.

The woman later withdrew her complaint, but the commission by then had already discovered numerous other allegations and offenses, including numerous acts of sexual escapades between embassy workers and local women, Ynet New reported.

The commission recommended several embassy workers be fired, including the security head who was hospitalized due to intoxication.

The Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying it is taking the allegations seriously and has taken “drastic disciplinary action,” including firing some employees.

“In line with protocol, a report summarizing the investigation was passed on to the commission,” the statement read. “Despite the fact that those involved are not diplomats themselves, [the ministry] is barred from revealing additional details because of the right to privacy of those involved.”



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