- The Washington Times - Thursday, August 8, 2013


Wesley Pruden is, as usual, correct in his recent piece describing the just-initiated negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. The talks are all “process” and no “peace” — all form and no substance (“More fake peace for the Middle East,” Commentary, Aug. 2).

Ironically, past talks have increased violence against Israel, not tamped it down. Already rockets have been fired from Gaza into southern Israel, as Hamas weighs in on its desire to make peace with the Jewish state. Sometimes “jaw-jaw” invites “war-war.”

Although I agree that the talks stem from a wish to appease the Obama administration, I think they also provide a welcome diversion from the complete absence of any policy to address the real crises in the region. Additionally, I suspect that Israel is playing this negotiations game in order to assure U.S. support for its imminent bombing of Iran. Everyone understands that when President Obama “has your back” and “doesn’t bluff,” it’s time to worry.


Columbia, Md.



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