- The Washington Times - Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Even Ron Paul thinks his son, Sen. Rand Paul, will run for the White House.

“I think he probably will,” the former congressman told CNN. “I mean, he’s been on TV hinting that he very well might.”

The senator’s mom thinks similarly, saying her son’s candidacy “feels real,” The Hill reported. And while Rand Paul’s wife currently votes “no” on the idea of her husband seeking the highest office, the senator said he’s trying to talk her into it.

“I tell people that there are two votes in my family and my wife has both of them, and both of them are ‘no’ votes right now,” Mr. Paul said, The Hill reported. “So if I am a very able politician, I will tell you in a year whether I’m able to persuade my wife. Right now, I don’t know yet.”

He also said this his candidacy was not a “slam dunk” by any means, The Hill said.

His dad, meanwhile, has a more optimistic view.

“I kiddingly say that advice I give him [is] he better be very careful, he’s doing well, he might get elected and that’s a great burden and a major responsibility,” the former congressman said of his son, The Hill reported.



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