- The Washington Times - Thursday, December 12, 2013

Two little girls who wanted to give customers at a Canadian grocery store “warm and fuzzy” feelings by singing Christmas carols were booted off the property by a store employee, a local station reported.

Ayla Bascom and Kaitlyn Manseau weren’t seeking money or donations for their singing, but that didn’t stop a  WinCo grocery store employee from telling them to leave the property.

“[The employee said] ‘our policy is like we don’t allow carolers,’ or something like that,” said Kaitlyn.

“I was like bummed,” her friend Ayla told the station. “We were both depressed that we couldn’t spread any more love and joy and cheer.”

Management at the store told the girls that if they wanted to challenge the decision, they could contact the company’s corporate attorney, the station reported. The girls did exactly that — in song — and he replied.

“WinCo has no written policy on that — we do as a company try to remain neutral on some policies,” he said.

The girls were told that they could resume singing their carols outside the store.



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