- The Washington Times - Thursday, December 12, 2013

A popular brewery in Framingham, Mass., lost 1,500 gallons of beer after a gasket failed on a full tank.

Jack’s Abby Brewing Company said the casualty was its popular pilsner Jabby Brau, a local CBS affiliate reported.

The company posted a video to its Facebook page showing its floor flooded ankle-deep with the frothy brew.

Co-owner Jack Hendler says 1,500 gallons of beer, or 700 cases, of beer was lost Tuesday night.

“When we came in the morning, we came into a mess,” he told CBS. “The good side of the whole mess is there was never a safety issue for anyone working. It was simply a waste of beer issue.”

Mr. Hendler said the beer is in very high demand and was set to be shipped to retailers Wednesday before the leak occurred.

They currently have enough Jabby Brau kegs to last until the next batch is ready for bottling, which most likely won’t be until January, CBS reported.



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