- The Washington Times - Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Former Egypt President Mohammed Morsi, ousted in July by a military coup and subsequently jailed by the now-ruling government, faces terror charges that carry the death penalty.

He is accused of conspiring with Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist group, as well as with Hezbollah, the militant organization that’s tied to Lebanon and maintains a strong presence in the Gaza, the Belfast Telegraph reported.

Prosecutors say that he and his aide revealed government secrets to these groups — as well as to members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. And they’re also accusing the former president and several leading Muslim Brotherhood figures with not only sponsoring terrorism, but also carrying out combat training for supporters that were aimed at upsetting Egypt’s stability, the Belfast Telegraph said.

A trial date has yet to be set.

But Mr. Morsi already faces charges of inciting murder against his political opponents while he held the high office. That trial continues in January.

But these latest allegations could lead to a death penalty against the beleaguered former leader — and another political and public relations hit against the Muslim Brotherhood, which was already booted from the nation when the interim government took power. Prosecutors said in the Belfast Telegraph that the Brotherhood has been involved in an international campaign to create chaos in Egypt, and forged a terrorist plot — supported by Mr. Morsi — to smuggle weapons into the country and members into the Gaza Strip for military training with Hezbollah and Iran Revolutionary Guard members.






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