- The Washington Times - Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dutch prostitutes say they work just as hard as professional soccer stars do, they have the same limited life-span in terms of their chosen careers — and they should therefore receive the same retirement benefits.

The “physical” demands of their jobs are one-and-the-same, the prostitutes argue, in the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant.

“Footballers and prostitutes both do a difficult physical job that they cannot do their whole life,” said Wil Post, a lawyer for a company named Freya that’s planning to open brothels, The New York Post reported. “Therefore, they would like to be able to save as much as they can.”

Mr. Post argued that Dutch authorities should pay about $7,000 each month toward the prostitutes’ tax-free pension plan. That’s about the amount they pay soccer stars, he said. And it’s only common sense that the prostitutes get their payments, he explained.

“Men prefer young women,” he said, The New York Post reported. “There always comes an age when prostitutes no longer get any work.”

And what’s an aging prostitute to do?

“It can take a prostitute more than 10 years to stop working because she’s trapped, as she can’t save money,” he said, in The New York Post.

The request isn’t that odd, given the country legalized prostitution in 2000 — and already pays for the profession’s health care and unemployment benefits.



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