- The Washington Times - Monday, December 2, 2013

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ignited a firestorm in his country among critics who say some of his purchases have been frivolous and wasteful.

Among his buys, The Associated Press reported: An estimated $1,700 on scented candles, $23,300 on flowers and $31,600 on gardening at his home in Jerusalem. In total, a civil liberties group who requested information on Mr. Netanyahu via Freedom of Information laws identified $909,000 purchases they deemed as questionable.

The purchases were all made in 2012, AP said.

Many in Israeli have accused the leader of ignoring middle class concerns, while taking full advantage of the perks his office provides. In the past, he’s faced criticism for spending $127,000 on a sleeping cabin to fly from Israel to London — and $3,000, on ice cream, AP said.

Mr. Netanyahu’s spokesman said that spending had actually decreased in the last year.



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