- - Monday, December 23, 2013


Israel has historically refused to admit to having nuclear weapons. It has, however, said repeatedly that it will not introduce nuclear weapons into the Middle East. This means that Israel views its nuclear capability as a defensive measure only, or as a deterrent to aggression. This position is not tenable, however, thanks to the undermining of Israel’s stance by the current U.S. president.

Pre-emption has been Israel’s most successful tool in combating its enemies. The 1967 war was won by the pre-emptive destruction of Arab air forces, and the surprise strike at Iraq’s nuclear facility put that threat to rest. If Israel now permits Iran to acquire and use a nuclear weapon, Israel’s ability to strike back will not be enough to save it. One nuclear bomb landed in tiny Israel will fundamentally destroy the country.

Iran has the motive and will shortly have the means to destroy the Jewish state. Israel has the means to pre-empt Iran and strike a death blow to the current regime by using its most formidable weapon. President Obama and Secretary of State John F. Kerry’s duplicity are pushing Israel toward what Israel calls the “no choice” option. Slowing down Iran may not be possible; destroying it is.




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