- - Monday, December 30, 2013


President Obama was elected on his “hope and change” mantra and promises of transparency and bipartisanship. After five years, these pledges have been proven to be nothing more than false hype.

Mr. Obama’s policies have improved neither the economy nor the unemployment numbers. They have instead put more burdens on the middle class, giving it higher taxes, higher energy costs both directly and indirectly, and higher prices for everyday needs.

The daily unconstitutional changes for Obamacare sign-up are a reflection of an incompetent president and administration. The Republican House’s bills to delay the individual mandate were rejected. The near-daily unconstitutional executive orders Mr. Obama uses to delay are a disservice to patients and insurance companies alike. The nine-hour-plus waiting period for sign-up still leaves uncertainty where coverage is concerned — and if you think this is bad, look forward to waiting weeks or months to see a physician. We must stop Obamacare now.

Recently, First Lady Michelle Obama said we should support the military and military families. Perhaps she should tell her husband this, because his policies have hamstrung the military. Such moves have included delay in the Afghanistan surge, early troop withdrawals in Iraq and Afghanistan, and rules of engagement that have cost lives and left many with severe injuries. Other policies reduce pay, benefits and other perks to these volunteers who risk their lives. All the while, Mr. Obama provides funding for undeserving supporters and other groups.

Centerville, Mass.



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