- The Washington Times - Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Director Kevin Smith targeted the Catholic Church in “Dogma” and fundamentalist Christians in “Red State.” One of his upcoming movies will apparently pit humanity and Satan against a giant rampaging Jesus, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Possible titles for the movie included “Christzilla” and “Holy Christ!”, but Mr. Smith settled on “Helena Handbag,” according to his official Facebook page.

The director, who at one point considered retirement, plans to film “Clerks III” before moving on to “Helena Handbag.”

“As for the title: If you heard the podcast, you know Scott [Moser] suggested CHRISTZILLA in place of HOLY CHRIST! — the title of the fake movie in [an] original podcast. I asked the audience to offer up their suggestions at #BeatChristzilla and they were all really fun!,” Mr. Smith wrote on Facebook. “But I’m going with the title HELENA HANDBAG — which comes directly from the plot of the flick (it’s kind of a nod to David Lynch’s unproduced ONE SALIVA BUBBLE screenplay, too - which was also about the end of the world and also carried a title that didn’t really prepare you for what the movie was about).”

Kevin Smith is also the director of Hollywood films such as “Jersey Girl,” “Cop Out,” and “Zack and Miri Make  a Porno.”



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