- The Washington Times - Friday, December 6, 2013

Colorado enrollment numbers into Obamacare health care exchanges may be floundering in the state, but that hasn’t kept the head of the program — who’s already paid $190,000 a year — from asking for a raise and a bonus.

And that request is quite a shocker to some.

“Given the poor performance for the first two months of enrollments, I think it’s incredibly audacious for the executive director to request a salary increase,” said Ellen Daehnick, a board member with Connect for Health Colorado, in The Associated Press.

Patty Fontneau’s salary is shouldered by state taxpayers, AP said. A spokeswoman for the board, Myung Oak Kim, said the three-member executive committee for Connect for Health Colorado hasn’t even decided whether they will take a vote on her request, yet.

Ms. Fontneau has already received one raise — a $5,000 salary boost in 2012. According to the terms of her employment contract, she’s eligible to receive a salary increase each year of 3 percent, and annual bonuses of up to 10 percent.

But the state’s enrollment numbers are far below what was expected. Officials predicted enrollment numbers through the end of December could reach 61,000. But the actual count, AP reported: Just under 10,000.



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