- - Sunday, December 8, 2013


Attempting to “liberate” Ukraine may be high-minded of the European Union, but it poses important questions (“Ukraine mass protests resume after government wins vote,” Web, Dec. 3).

Are there any geographical limits to an expanding European Union? Include Armenia, Georgia and Turkey, and the federation would border Chechnya, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

Should Kiev’s young be encouraged to think that the accord on the free movement of peoples will remain a bedrock principle of the European Union? This accord will be further tested with the end of transitional restrictions on Bulgarian and Romanian migrants come the New Year (as well as Moldovan migrants, given the ease with which Moldovans can acquire Romanian citizenship). The scale of uncontrolled immigration into Western Europe will be further augmented from Croatia, which recently joined, and in due course from six other western Balkan states.

Was it wise of the union to entice Ukrainians into abandoning their economic dependence on Russia without offering transitional aid? Does the union want a basket case on its hands, and will the union’s taxpayers consent to bailing out Ukraine?

Dorset, England



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