- The Washington Times - Friday, February 1, 2013

Harvard University wrapped its investigation into a cheating scandal involving an estimated 125 students, explaining in a campus email Friday that half the students were pushed to withdraw, while the other half were handed probation or cleared.

Bloomberg stated that Michael Smith, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, sent the email to the Harvard community about the fate of all the students implicated in a widely reported cheating scandal that tarnished the school’s reputation, last August. Also in the email, Bloomberg reported, Mr. Smith vowed to “redouble our efforts” to inspire integrity among students.

But the exact number of students involved in the scandal, as well as the full nature of their involvement, isn’t known.

Associated Press reports that the email provided only the most general of information about the investigation, and did not even specify how many students were ultimately caught and charged, versus how many were given probation or outright cleared.



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