- The Washington Times - Friday, February 1, 2013


America works when Americans work. We have driven millions of jobs out of America over the past 30 years because we can’t compete with countries that have lower costs of doing business. Our wages, benefits, regulations and taxes all contribute to driving up the cost of doing business. Consequently, jobs go elsewhere.

The FairTax bill currently in Congress would resurrect America as arguably the most cost-competitive place in the world to do business. No more federal tax on income — your gross pay would be your take-home pay. Taxes to fund the government would be generated by taxing consumption of new goods and services. To help citizens pay this tax on basic goods and services, a prebate would be paid monthly to all legal Americans. No favors for special interests — everyone would be treated the same. Manufacturers worldwide would flock to the United States to build factories. Well-paying jobs would return. I urge readers to support the bill.


Fairhope, Ala.



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