- The Washington Times - Wednesday, February 13, 2013

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews blasted Marco Rubio’s State of the Union rebuttal Tuesday night as “primitive” and “something you’d hear on a high school debating team.”

“I thought it was Tinkertoys,” Mr. Matthews said.

He also blamed the senator for being hypocritical in saying he’s for smaller government and yet pointing out all the positives of big government.

“First of all, he went after government as some kind evil, then he admitted he had gone to school on student loans,” the “Hardball” host said. “Well, I went to school on student loans. My dad went to school on the GI Bill. Most of us have benefited from good government. Government’s worked for us. I got in the Peace Corps, changed my life. I mean, I’m very pro-government. And he admit he was, too. He said, I love Medicare because of how it takes care of my mother, how it took care of my father with dignity. He said, I went the student loan route, I got my education.”

“Where was the consistency here?” Mr. Matthews continued. “I didn’t get it. He was saying he was a product of solid government and positive programs, and then he just trashed the whole thing.”

“It was a kid’s presentation of a philosophy reduced to maybe the ninth grade level,” the host concluded. “I’m sorry, that’s what it was.”

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