- The Washington Times - Friday, February 15, 2013


Nothing is more frustrating than the current gun-control debate. I have a deep sense of respect for the Second Amendment, since I come from Cuba, where the first step on the road to tyranny was to disarm all possible opponents in January 1959.

I have an equal sense of gratitude to the Framers of our Constitution for their wisdom in drawing up that seminal document. I do not support exaggerated interpretations of the Constitution, though, like the freedom of religion clause, which is wrongly used to trample upon a fundamental right to pray in public. Similarly, in the gun-control debate, we find extremists who think they are entitled under the Second Amendment to perhaps place anti-aircraft equipment on the roof or even a tank in the back yard. This is absurd. At the same time, a renewal of the temporary ban on assault weapons is clearly a lost cause for the administration.

The cherry on top is the fact that the solution to the increasing number of mass killings is right there in front of us, but since we are slowly losing our sense of justice, we scarcely implement it. Let legislatures across this great country approve mandatory death sentences in all premeditated homicide convictions and abolish the insanity defense in homicide cases. Republicans, Democrats and independents should all come together in a genuine crusade to stop crime for the sake of our children. The death sentence is the only effective deterrent to evil.





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