- The Washington Times - Monday, February 25, 2013


The recent article “DC nonprofit can’t say how it spent $25M” (Web, Wednesday) is misleading and fails to adequately address the transformation taking place at the DC Children and Youth Investment Trust. Rest assured that once the comprehensive audit currently underway at the Trust is complete, we will gladly state to the penny how the funds for fiscal year 2010 were allocated. Only then can we file a complete and accurate 990 with the Internal Revenue Service. We will also continue the practice of including on our website the names of every grantee that receives funding from us.

When I was appointed executive director of the Trust last November, I was well aware of and welcomed the public scrutiny that would follow as we worked to implement new policies and procedures surrounding our grant-making process to community-based organizations (CBOs). Organizational change, especially the kind that involves creating a new culture of transparency and accountability, is never easy or swift. Patience must rule the day. Let us allow the auditors to do their work as they review two year’s worth of financials that, quite frankly, were in disarray.

However, let’s also keep in mind that it is a new day at the Trust. I, along with the new leadership throughout our organization, am committed to learning from past mistakes and forging a new path forward. We cannot and will not allow the difficult process of change to distract us from our mission. Our charge today, tomorrow and for years to come remains to provide quality after-school programs to the children and youth of the District, and to continue our role as the primary resource for developing partnerships that expand and improve services and opportunities for young people.

As I remind people wherever I go, even in challenging times the Trust remains a constant and vital resource for our children and youth in the District.


Executive director

DC Children & Youth Investment Trust

Washington, D.C.



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