- The Washington Times - Thursday, February 28, 2013


How is it that President Obama’s public does not understand it is the president himself who wrote the sequestration bill — even threatening that should the Republicans attempt to make changes in the bill, he would not sign it?

The amount we’re talking about cutting is the equivalent of 2 cents out of every dollar. That makes it a bit easier to comprehend. Mr. Obama, however, continues his daily remarks that clearly blame the Republicans for the sequestration, and he makes some pretty ridiculous statements of how badly “we the people” will be hurt by it. He is not telling the truth. I recall in my lifetime one president who was impeached, Bill Clinton, and another who resigned under threat of impeachment, Richard Nixon. The reason for their predicaments? Lying to the electorate.

There are numerous incidents of Mr. Obama lying to the electorate. Why is impeachment not being sought? An unvetted president about whom the electorate really knew very little is the result of the media’s failure to study and expose the nature of the man we put in the White House.


Urbandale, Iowa



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