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Culture challenge of the week: Hypocritical intolerance by gay activists

The entire nation is watching to see if the Boy Scouts are going to cave under relentless pressure from gay activists whose demands, if successful, will destroy the finest organization for young men our nation has ever known. The Scouts‘ own board of directors may very well end up being the cause of the organization’s demise as it meets this week to consider making the Scout pledge meaningless and Scouting irrelevant. If the board votes to destroy the Scout standards, it will have caved in to the hateful demands of one of the most hypocritical and intolerant movements in America, the gay activist.

The proposal on the table would trash the national standard that all troops must adhere to the Scout Oath, values and creeds. If individual troops decide to start admitting openly gay youth as Scouts and open homosexuals as adult leaders, then the Boy Scouts of America will have doomed its future. Such a decision would end up affecting all Scouts and troops. Everything from the way the camps are run, to how tent mates are selected, to the structure of jamborees would change.

There simply isn’t any way that Scouting can continue as it is if even a handful of troops vote to allow the entrance of homosexuality.

The news breaks my heart. Our two sons rose through the Boy Scouts and achieved the coveted rank of Eagle Scout after years of working alongside and with their best Scout buddies. My sons will always cherish their days of Scouting as well as the many life skills and important values that Scouting taught them: things such as friendship and teamwork; honesty and integrity; and what it means to just have a blast hanging out with the guys. A powerful bond occurs between the young men as they learn how to develop and live a strong moral code. With our modern pop culture’s obsession with all things sexual, Scouting also provides one of the last safe havens for boys where they are free from sexual pressure. If open homosexuals infiltrate their ranks, then all that changes.

In the bigoted gay activist world, every type of behavior must be accepted.

They want every group to become so diverse in their values that all groups would become fundamentally the same. Any differences in organizations, churches and clubs would be reduced to matters of only style and interest. Gone would be voluntarily associations based on shared religious beliefs, principles and timeless moral values. Make no mistake: The goal of the activist gay network isn’t just to make their lifestyle acceptable — it’s to destroy the very essence of churches, organizations and even institutions such as traditional marriage. Organizations that teach both about God and his moral absolutes are unacceptable, making the gay network both highly hypocritical and viciously intolerant.

With the Boy Scouts, for instance, the ultimate effect of homosexualizing the organization means destroying what the Scouts have long stood for. The values named in the Scout Oath, include a promise to “do my best to do my duty to God and to keep myself morally straight.” Parents who hope to raise sons with strength of character and a strong sense of morality routinely turn to the Boy Scouts for help. The Scouts‘ message, undiluted and untainted by ‘progressive’ immorality, has been something parents can count on. They embrace Scouting in no small part because the Scouts have held firmly — and publicly — to traditional morality.

Gay behavior has always been easily seen as a violation of God’s law.

Today’s gay pressure groups claim that Americans’ growing comfort with and tolerance for homosexuals renders gay behavior morally acceptable and both Old and New Testament biblical principles obsolete.

They are wrong on both counts. First, polls fluctuate. Depending on how a question is worded, people flip sides from one survey to the next. Second, God’s law does not change. The growing acceptance of moral relativism (where nothing is right or wrong and moral judgments are thrown out in favor of the “it depends” rationalization) amounts to “playing God” and does not change the truth.

Homosexual behavior is not “morally straight.” Not for the Boy Scouts of yesterday, today or tomorrow.

Make no mistake, destroying the basic core values of Scouting would be just the beginning of a steep slide into political correctness. Don’t think for a minute that the gay lobby would be satisfied with a policy allowing individual Scout troops to decide whether to admit homosexuals. Next on the agenda: organizationwide change mandating admittance, changes to materials to show open homosexuals as role models for “normal” male behavior, married homosexuals chaperoning Scouting camps and trips, “sensitivity” courses for heterosexual Scouts who still find homosexuality morally wrong, and pressure on troop sponsors (such as churches) to conform in spite of their religious beliefs. And that’s just for starters.

How to save your family: Contact the Boy Scouts today

Will you passively sit by and watch as the Boys Scouts become just another politically correct youth group? As yet another social institution becomes destroyed? Teach your family that the essence of America’s founding is religious freedom, and that the right to voluntarily and openly associate with others who share your personal values and morals is a fundamental component of a free society.

There are two things you can do to save Scouting: pray and protest. Pray the board of directors will have the courage and conviction to protect the institution and the freedom of association by rejecting the gay lobby. And take the time to contact the Boy Scouts today and share your thoughts. Their phone number is 972/580-2000. Or you can email them through the link on their website. Tell them to be courageous and do all in their power to preserve the finest institution for boys and young men our nation has ever seen.

Rebecca Hagelin can be reached at [email protected].

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